Tom Needle

Interest in radio first started on Forces network whilst serving with the Air Force in Malaysia. After discharge from the RAAF I went up to 8DN Darwin, then across to 4TO Townsville and 4BC Brisbane before coming home to Perth and 6PR, Home of the Good Guys. (And we’re not talking discount houses here either!). Over the last 40 odd years, worked at most of Perth’s radio stations with many different music styles and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. During that period it was the “Disc Jockey” approach with ‘the time to y’all from the clock on the wall – rhymin’ Simon type of presentation that was so popular. Looking back I sometimes shudder at the shenanigans that we got up to (under management instruction of course.) The last 10 years went quickly at radio station 6MM Mandurah. I guess because of its proximity to the excellent fishing and crabbing grounds. I’ve always been interested in piscatorial pursuits of all nature and have wet a line (with good result too) in many and various spots all over WA. Now if we can just get Classic Hits 666 to fire up a fishing show…..
I enjoy the laid back style of life with good friends and a stubby of medicine close handy…If it ain’t fun, I’m not interested!
Head bang clang type noise doesn’t do much for me at all and tends to frighten the fish so Classic Hits 666 fits me to a T. I know the music, interviewed lots of the artists somewhere along the way, and find myself humming along with the songs. The worrying thing is that I also know most of the words!
I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoy bringing you all the Classic Hits on 666 in Carnarvon and Onslow.
PS – Tip for lovers of crab – instead of dipping flesh in vinegar, use Stones Green Ginger Wine – Fabulous!  
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