Ray Clark

I've always had a love of music. I remember several times at school in Exmouth the teacher would confiscate my cassette player during lessons, it was quite hard to hide a 70s size cassette player in a file, not like todays mp3 players. I guess it was that love of music that got me into DJ work...clubs, pubs, parties and weddings I do 'em all, had a hoot too, cranking the volume UP was good then...not so much now-a-days.
I got the radio bug in 1991 with my first job at 6KA Karratha. I had a great time and was working with a top bunch of people (had to say that, one of them is still my boss). Since then I've been traveling the country working at various stations in WA, Vic, SA and NSW, haven't done Qld yet, maybe that'll be next.
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